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    website summary

This might end up being a rather biased review for ATK's Natural and Hairy website as I have personally followed the ATK family of websites closely over the years but, I will be honest. I know what goes on behind the scenes and the effort taken to keep the websites' members happy and renewing their memberships each and every month.

I don't expect many of our sites visitors have this knowledge so will do my review as I would regularly, outlining the key features that make ATK Natural & Hairy tick. After you're done reading my review I'd suggest taking their free tour where you will find many more samples and a preview movie or two.

    quick links

    content exclusivity

Here's a website that is shocking as far as the exclusivity of the images goes. Over 800,000 images and hundreds of movie clips and I would have to estimate that 99.9% of them cannot be found anywhere else on the net! Now, as you can see from other reviews we've written that a few websites do in fact try to provide their surfers with unique and exclusive content but here lies the difference... ATK Natural & Hairy is updated each week with 4,000+ new and exclusive images and a whole lot of movies. Now that may seem like a whole lot, but for a company such as ATK who has (in my opinion) so far cornered the Natural & Hairy niche on the internet with over 1,900 models, there's never a shortage of quality content for their members.

    video galleries

Out of all of the good I can say about ATK Natural and Hairy I will not brag about the movie galleries. Although the quality of the movies is as great as their images, the lack of thought put into the movie gallery navigation leaves me quite speechless. Lots of great and exclusive movies can be found within the members section, all with thumbnails for quick scene selection but, even these are hidden behind boring text links that you will have to individually click to get to the goods. The screenshot that I took and linked to below shows a better example of what you will find once you start digging into the member's movie galleries.


    photo galleries
Now I can start to brag because the image galleries are seriously second to none. As with ATK Galleria and their newest endeavor ATK Premium, the ATK Natural & Hairy websites' image galleries are laid out for easy navigation with great looking thumbnails, downloadable .zip files, a fully working search engine and one amazing model directory. You can also view the galleries by categories (which I do) which are set up to make the quick clicker get what he wants when he wants it.

Categories at a glance are: 'Young & Hairy', 'Scary Hairy', 'Hairy Fun',' Exotic & Hairy', 'Hairy Lesbians', 'Mature & Hairy' and 'Wives & Girlfriends'.

# HAIRY MODELS : 1,917 # PHOTOS : 874,231 AVG. DIMESIONS : 684x1024 AVG SIZE : 300KB

    members area organization
Simplicity goes a long way when it comes to website navigation and ATK Natural & Hairy is no exception to the rule. The members section is laid out in a way that gives you instantaneous results with just a click of your mouse.

Don't get me wrong and think that there's no depth with this website because that would be totally wrong. There's so much to see within the section that you become almost overwhelmed by the way that the sections are laid out with the easy navigation at both the top and bottom of all of the pages which keeps it nice and simple.





model search

For pro's it ATK's Natural and Hairy's amazing amount of unique and utterly flawless imagery. You can tell after viewing just a few sets that whichever department at ATK chooses their models and picks these amazing sets of photos really care about what their members view inside their members section.

Cons: As I said above, I just can't get over the lack of attention and detail that went into the members Movie Galleries and that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual movies themselves. I know what ATK is capable of producing when it comes to websites and I still just have to shake my head when it comes to that first page listing the volumes of video content.

Although I really don't like ATK Natural & Hairy's video listings page, overall this site is spectacular and it really does not take a lover of the all natural woman to appreciate it. Some of these models are cute and innocent looking with a splash of pubes that makes you want to do a nose dive between their silky thighs (see Josie ;-).

Click here for a great tour with tons of free high resolution samples!

    quick links

All models are 100% NATURAL. No fake boobs, heavy makeup or bald pussy. These are the normal, everyday girls you've always wanted to see posing -- all waiting inside just for you!


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